Shortlist 2014

2014 Shortlist

The books on the Excelsior Award shortlst for 2014 were designated as suitable for children aged 11-16

1st Place - Earth 2: The Gathering

by James Robinson and Nicola Scott

Published by DC

ISBN-13: 978-1401242817

2nd Place - Quantum and Woody: The World's Worst Superhero Team

by James Asmus and Tom Fowler

Published by Valiant

ISBN-13: 978-1939346186

3rd Place - Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z

by Rick Remender and John Romita Jr.

Published by Marvel

ISBN-13: 978-1846535345

Sherlock Bones, Volume 1

by Yuma Ando and Yuki Sato

Published by Kodansha

ISBN-13: 978-1612624440

Indestructible Hulk

by Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu

Published by Marvel

ISBN-13: 978-0785166474

The Halloween Legion

by Martin Powell, Thomas Boatwright and Diana Leto

Published by Dark Horse

ISBN-13: 978-1616552824 

The Judas Coin

by Walter Simonson

Published by DC

ISBN-13: 978-1401243975  

Aliens: Inhuman Condition

by John Layman and Sam Kieth

Published by Dark Horse

ISBN-13: 978-1595826183

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